49 States at 17

It’s uncomprehensible to actually believe that I’ve seen and visited 49 states at 17 years young. It was only recently, after the tires rolled down Alberta, Canada, when that thought came to me. How many 17 year olds can say they’ve been able to actually see, discover, and get to know their country hands-on? How … More 49 States at 17

When Lost, Stargaze

We have a bumper sticker on our truck that reads: I took the road less traveled. Now, where the hell am I?  That bumper sticker is exactly how 50% of our travels are. Most of the time we are out in the boonies, just letting the solar panels soak up some sun, and enjoying the view. We … More When Lost, Stargaze

The Beginning

Hello, travelers! After 3 years of traveling, I’ve finally decided to start a blog! After so many miles, my experience has grown and, through my stories, I’m hoping to inspire and educate travelers! The first thing everyone should know: You CAN travel. Whether you are young, old, poor, or disabled. If you asked me where … More The Beginning