Ojo Caliente: The Hidden New Mexico Getaway

Settled in the hills of northern New Mexico, a spa rests in the valley. Just a mile off from the main road, and passed a couple bed & breakfasts, lies Ojo Caliente .

The area is abundantly quiet. Everything about the place is peaceful; it calms your soul and feels as though you can finally breathe and enjoy the relaxation. No rush, no drama.


Ojo Client first opened in 1868, and is one of the oldest natural health mineral spas the United States. People have even claimed to be ‘cured’ by the mineral waters. I, personally,  wouldn’t know, but the waters and experience was certainly calming.


The Soda Pool- My personal favorite. It feels like a private pool with the rock walls surrounding it. It’s one of the hottest pools at the spa, and is a no-talking zone. It is also used to relieve digestive problems.


The Iron Spring- Beneficial to the immune system… But I think the water fountain spouts made fantastic back massagers. Just sit there and let the water pound against your back while you soak.

Lounge in hammocks for a while…

The Arsenic Pools- The arsenic water is believed to be beneficial for relief from arthritis and stomach ulcers.


And lastly, the Mud Bath- Mud is rather fun, right? For once, you are welcomed to smear mud all over you and get dirty, and then hop into some nice, warm waters. You can let the mud dry on your skin and soak up some rays while the mud cleanses your skin (doesn’t sound like it’d really clean you, but it feels nice). It was pretty cool!

Our experience was so wonderful, calm, and relaxing. It’d be a great destination for a honeymoon or anniversary. Or, if you’re just needing a quick getaway, this is perfect.

They have beautiful rooms so you can stay overnight and enjoy the hot springs every minute they are open.

To visit the Ojo Client website, click here.





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