11 Reasons Why Houses Are Awkward

I used to live in an actual house. Complete with drywall, carpet, a big shower, a full size kitchen, a large couch, etc. I could decorate however much I wanted without worrying about running out of wall space and the weight of a lamp. I could have glass cups and ceramic plates. Anyway, all I’m basically saying is that you have A LOT of room in house to do several things in. 

It’s different in a travel trailer.

In a travel trailer, things are much, much simpler. I’ve grown used to the life and I find it’s very comforting to be able to see basically everything you own right when you look up. We know exactly what is perfectly sound, and know when something is wrong. 

To demonstrate just how fantastic living in small quarters actually is, here’s a list just for you!

  1. I take 8 steps (at the most) around my entire place. 
  2. I can reach the kitchen & pantry from my bed (Can be a dangerous thing, but it’s awesome most of the time).
  3. We became fix-it women.We know when something is wrong with our home immediately and can almost always fix it ourselves.
  4. My room/space consists of everything I need within 2 feet away from me. 
  5. Energy. We can save SO MUCH energy. We use solar panels (which are so awesome), so we receive free, natural electricity. It really makes me never want to pay for electricity again.
  6. Water. We save on water, and most of the time, we get it for free. So to all y’all Californians, try living on 40 gallons of water for a week or more! I can’t imagine letting the water just flow for 2 whole minutes while brushing teeth or washing hands. *shivers*
  7. Neighbors.Our favorite thing of all… When the neighbors (if we have any) are crazy, we just pick up and drive off! Nowadays, if I do get a house, one of my rules is that I have no neighbors. That means they have to be at least 4-5 football fields away (preferably more, a lot more), thank you! 
  8. Safety. Do you hate that sinking feeling when you’re home alone? Scared when the AC or heater goes off? Fear no longer! We can hear EVERYTHING that happens inside and outside of our home. Let’s be honest, in an RV the walls are thin. Hear footsteps outside? Those are people walking on the road 10 feet away from your door (I’m pretty sure the nosiest people on earth are RV-ers. We can hear and see everything). 
  9. After 5 years in this camper, when I do walk into someone’s house, I hate the fact that I can’t see around the corner and have to practically hike to the other side of their house. I am sure, without a doubt, mothers actually get exercise just walking and cleaning up the house (don’t make them go to the gym!). In an RV however, I can swing out of bed and walk two steps to the kitchen. Or, even better, we can throw our plastic dirty dishes to the sink, so we can stay seated after a heavy dinner and allow our body to digest. #lifegoals
  10. We rarely have to say, “Oh, shoot! I forgot it at the house!”. Instead we argue, “Why is it not in the truck?!” – “I don’t know, but I’ll go get it. Just a sec…” Proceeds to walk 15 feet away from the truck to get that something from our home that is also connected to the truck. It’s a win. 
  11. Lighting. Houses can be so dark. There never seems to be enough sunlight in a house. I adore natural light. I hate being under a yellow lightbulb nowadays.  In the trailer, we open the window curtains up and pop open the windows for fresh air right when we wake up.

I will say this though– I miss the counter space of kitchens, big bathrooms and showers. Having an actual door to close off the room was nice (don’t worry, we have a door closing off our tiny bathroom. We aren’t THAT close.). I think my most missed feature would be the flooring. It’s solid and can withstand anything– that means when I dance and hop around, the house doesn’t shake with me! 

What would you prefer- big house, tiny house, or RV? What do you love about your home? 

With love, 

    Site to the brand of everything solar that we use (Love them!) : Renogy

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