Workin’ On Rugs

Hello, from 9,500 feet in Colorado!

We pulled into a free campsite, and then set up for a rug photoshoot! We had been meaning to re-take pictures of all the rugs for a while now, so we finally set it up!

After a whole day of shooting, we spent the next day and night editing pictures and getting the listings ready for the new rugs for our Etsy shop, Rugs OnTheRoad.

We hand-knot these beauties, which means they will last forever, and you can toss them in the wash. The oldest rag rug of our kind has said to be over 65 years! Thats a long time for rugs! Certainly better than a Walmart rug, am I right?

Here are just a few rugs below, but I strongly suggest clicking on the shop link to see more details and to view ALL the rugs we have! We also do custom orders to match your color and style!

Round Magenta Rope Rug
Hunter Green Oval Rug
Oval Red, White, & Blue
Colorful Boho
Round Blue Outdoor Rug

We’d be ecstatic to see you at our shop! Feel free to send us a message!

Our Etsy Shop — Rugs OnTheRoad

Our Instagram–rugs_ontheroad

Our Facebook Page– Rugs OnTheRoad



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