5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Traveling

“You guys just travel around? Wow! I couldn’t do that, I’m too scared!” Said a Walmart cashier as we were checking out.

There are many feelings I experience while traveling. Scared isn’t one of them. But, scared people scare me.

When you travel, you are seeing the world for what it is. You are walking out into the open unknown with open arms.  You are seeing the harshness of humanity, and you are also seeing the trusting side of humanity. And maybe, just maybe, living outside your comfort zone. You are free.

If that scares you, then how are you living? Is your life on a controlled schedule, consisting of almost the same thing everyday?  Is that your safe place? Do you like it there?

Well, here are some reasons why you should get in your car and drive somewhere new, without fear!

  1. In America, the police are everywhere. They are closer than you think. Sometimes you’ll be in an area where they patrol the area around you, so you can sleep without being restless.
  2. No one will really bother you, and if they do, it’s most likely other travelers. You’ll end up having a two hour conversation with them and friend them on Facebook.
  3. Surprisingly, people really do help other people. We’ve gotten stuck in places and have had dead batteries, got lost too many times. And yet there were still people who volunteered to help us out.
  4. Robberies? Trust me, it’s not the end of the world. I have a traveling friend who got robbed of her precious camera, passport, wallets, everything. But she continued on and still loves the travel life.
  5. You’ll be too busy loving travel to think about fear. Sure, youl


One of my fears is when we decide to take the back roads, with not a soul nearby, with one-third of a tank of gas. That’s when I start sweatin’.

Backroads with very little gas…
I know some people are actually afraid to just relax and have no time limit and do nothing else but sit in the middle of nowhere with just your thoughts and the natural sounds. It just feels wrong. It sometimes feels weird to me as well, like I should have a booked schedule and be running around like a chicken with my head off. But I have to admit, it is something special to just take your time and enjoy your life.

I know there are fears out there, but humanity can be surprising. You can surprise yourself if you take that leap of faith.




One thought on “5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Traveling

  1. I just did a little car road trip, just me and my four year old. My only fear is money, so that’s why we aren’t on the road in my rv yet. I have good street smarts and am great with people, so fear nothing in that regard.

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