Yes, Our Home is Painted!

Living in a travel trailer that’s painted as a cottage has been interesting.

And lets be honest, I don’t think anyone can really be mad at a painted camper that says, “Radiate Positive Vibes” on the back.

When we first started traveling, the decal stickers on the trailer were slowing starting to unstick themselves and crack. We decided to peel them off, even if that meant the trailer would just be a plain, white, and boring camper.


While in Illinois in 2014, we asked a friend to paint the trailer for us. Having seen her work, we thought it was fun and good, almost a cartoonish feel to it.

At the time, we had NO idea what we wanted on the trailer. So, we trusted the woman to make it a master piece. Well… She painted a random pot in the middle, and spray painted a small stencil at the top… there was no reason or plan. It was like a child painted it.

Mom took over and got right to work when we left the area.


Mom quickly spray painted over the childish work and got the start of the chimney in a Lowe’s parking lot and got the window shutters finished… Looking, funky, but just wait. 😉


The beginning of details… Flowers coming along. The flamingo scene in process on the front. Wheels painted. And I’m up top adding a smiley face to our roof… cause why not?



View from the St. Louis Arch of our top

Mom had to be in the mood to paint, or else who knows how it would turn up and she’d have to redo it. Then the weather had to be good. No drenching humidity, not too windy, and it had to be warm out.

We are super obvious, but oh well. We love our art. We don’t mind being different.

A year and a half later, we had become a mobile art piece! It’s so unique and fun, we get peace signs and hang loose signs and honks on the road. Even motorcyclists pass us with grins on their faces.

And lets be honest, I don’t think anyone can really be mad at a painted camper that says, “Radiate Positive Vibes” on the back. Once, there was a line of cars behind us and when we finally reached passing lanes, a couple people still gave us peace signs as they passed us, even though they were stuck behind us for several miles.  And, we drove through Brooklyn, NY with this thing…. Yeah. No one even honked at us. Hashtag impressed.


Now, it’s a great conversation starter. Our business cards have a picture of our trailer on the back, which is a great way for people to remember us.

It’s comical sometimes; people stop where we are parked in a parking lot and take a picture, thinking we weren’t inside of it. But, peek-a-boo! We are giggling behind our kitchen curtain.

We are super obvious, but oh well. We love our art. We don’t mind being different.

Peace out, hippies!


Flamingos and a MERMAID?!



5 thoughts on “Yes, Our Home is Painted!

  1. Here’s Breanna’s latest blog. You can either view it from the email or from the web site. The web site contains ALL her posts. I think there’s only 5 or 6 of them. The pictures show up a little better on the web.

    And here’s her Facebook Live video. As I said, it kinda rambles, but maybe around 20 minutes is when she talks about more interesting things.


    1. Hi, Diane! Thank you for visiting my website! As of right now, I have around 20 blog posts on my site, though I’m about to do weekly posts. You can see new posts either on here or in email every Monday! I love to see people subscribe to my traveling ramble, lol.
      I will admit that my first Facebook live was…awkward! Haha. You can also view my Instagram and Twitter by the links from my blog site. 🙂


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