10 Reasons Why Mothers Make the Best Travel Partners

If you’re like me, I love my mom! We have always had a good relationship, and when it came time to travel, we became even closer.

About half the people we’ve talked to have shown doubt and became speechless as they stared at us. The other half has exclaimed how amazing it is that we are so close, wishing they had a relationship with their mother like I have with my mom. Β Even my relatives don’t understand how we can be around each other so much.

But, we travel together. Let me explain…

  1. We have each other’s back, through whatever, wherever.
  2. We know each other’s friends. Her friends are my friends, and my friends get along well with her too. We don’t have to fight over who we hang out with, they are good people.
  3. We always know what’s going on with each other. There isn’t really that big draft of space between the teenager and the parent.
  4. Let’s be honest. She’s older than I am, so she knows more about life. She’s already been there. She’s pretty smart about life, and she won’t let me make mistakes if she already knows the outcome. If I’m stuck, she steps in. She gives advice…or just tells me how it is; honesty.
  5. Nothing about traveling is a one-woman decision. We decide together, and I think that is a good partnership.
  6. We laugh about the same things all the time and think we are funny.
  7. We compliment each other. If you really study the relationship of mom and daughter, you’ll notice that if one is not able to figure one thing out, the other will be able to provide an answer/explaination. Sometimes it takes two people… πŸ˜‰
  8. One is always able to get one out of the comfort zone. One time in Yellowstone National Park, Mom decided to take a long route to hot water springs. She made me tiptoe around 20 snakes to get there…. I hate snakes.
  9. We cry together.
  10. We discover together, we are in it together.

So next time, instead of taking your friend or boyfriend on a traveling trip, take your mom! Be warned, there will be bonding. But y’all will love it.


A traveling daughter

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!



2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Mothers Make the Best Travel Partners

  1. Awwwwww……… thanks, baby! We truly do crack ourselves up! Remember when I was driving down that washboard gravel road in Alberta, Canada? The truck got in the groove like a galloping horse, we looked at each other – not saying a word – we just lost it with laughter!

    And, so many said it couldn’t be done or “Well, that will be fun….for a while….I guess.”

    Anyway…… thanks for the 4 yrs and 8 months of this wonderful journey! Let’s continue until I find the perfect location for my envisioned container house!


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