The Glorious Gift: Free, Public Showers

(Warning: Only a traveler will understand this and laugh along… For those of you who don’t travel full-time, I can hear you saying “EW” now. LOL)


You’ve been traveling for 5 days with 20 gallons of water.

You’ve played outside in the dirt. You’ve taken a jog and a hike on a warm day. You’ve played in the lake and/or river water. You’ve scratched your head and come up with dandruff and sand under your nails. You’ve switched to your “greasy days” hairbrush and tried dry shampoo for the first time. You’ve rubbed your neck and felt dirt just roll off. Your face is a dark tan from grease, dirt, and sweat, so you bring out the face wipes.

Only then do you realize how nasty you really are.

The OCD comes out and you just end up snatching the body wipes and just scrub your body… hard. Forget the fact that you’re in the desert and running out of water. You need a shower now, and the moist towlets are so not covering it. In fact, after scrubbing with wipes, you feel even more gross and sticky.

So you stand there stiff, with your arms held awkwardly away from your body, and your face scrunched up. All you can think is, EW. 

Finally, you say, “I need to shower! We need to drop by a campground with a shower so I can use all their hot water!”

And right when you get to a campground, you meet some cool people before you’ve had the chance to shower and they decide to go in for a hug. You’re internally chanting, No, please.  No.  Oh God.  Face palm, dude, face palm…98a8cbfc015ab5de252f0aa8ef12c1b6.jpg

Once that awkward meet up is over, you park that RV, grab your toiletries and haul ass to the showers. Nothing else matters but your potentially clean body.

Even though showers are overrated to travelers sometimes, there are the extremely not overrated times. When I do have the chance to take a free hot shower, I use that precious gift up!  I’m like Emma Stone from the shower scene in Easy A.

I can conquer anything, after a long awaited shower.


So enjoy those deserving showers y’all!




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