Semi-Settling in Northern Arizona 

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

Well, we’ve made it to our new home place; Williams, AZ. It’s a quaint little town, sitting on the famous Route 66. Williams is also the gateway to the Grand Canyon, only 50 miles south. Flagstaff is only 35 miles away, and about 65 miles from Sedona….Yeah, kinda the heart around AZ and beyond, right? It’s also home to the famous Bearizona!

Leaving Red Rock area…

It’s lovely here though, even if small. We visited in March right when a little winter snow was coming. The snow powder just made this town, it was so pretty! Coming up from Lake Havasu, the cold and snow felt so nice compared to the raging heat.

While visiting, I had been looking for my next job… Well, I got 2 jobs in 1 day! One of the perks of a small town like this is that they always need help, especially in the summer. The two I’d landed is at a bed & breakfast (Trapper’s Rendezvous), the other being at a tourist shop on Route 66. It is really nice to know that I’ll have something dependable in the next town, so much relieved.

The Bed and Breakfast

If I’m being honest, I may actually settle in the town or near Flagstaff. I like it up here! Maybe build a tiny house eventually?

—Bre ❤


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