On The Road Again! Phoenix, Mediums, And Buster

A little over a week ago, I finally broke free from Lake Havasu City, AZ! I tied up my ends, and then we were off!

Leaving a place is really a great relief sometimes, and you won’t even know it until you are far from city limits.

Anyway, Mom and I hauled it to Phoenix and plopped down in the forest. Of course, we arrived at night, in pitch black and almost got stuck in soft sand, but that’s just our luck! In day light, it was a nice place, with a stream for the dogs to cool off and ward off the heat.


Speaking of dogs; Buster, my most precious thing in life, was hacking and came down with labored breathing … We had tried some home remedies, but he kept getting worse, so we took him into a vet at 4 am. It was kennel cough/pneumonia with a fever… And so we are babying him like crazy, all the while cramming his meds down his throat. Sounds bad, right? 😦 It’s a chore to even get him to eat. But he’s on the road to recovery, literally.



While in Phoenix, we were able to see Monica Ten-Kate at an event. Monica is a medium, meaning she is able to connect with those on the other side. Although some wouldn’t believe in mediums, Monica is the real deal. It was amazing to watch! When connecting with a person from the other side, she would look up, sometimes nod, sometimes say “slow down” to understand the message. She was really just a messenger. She doesn’t do it for the fame, to get money out of you, there was no merchandise waiting for you to buy. It was great. (I’ll share a picture of her next events, if you’re interested. )

Monica Ten-Kate


The next day, we headed to a free campsite about 10 miles south of Sedona, AZ. The famous Red Rocks can be seen outside our window. DSCF2555DSCF2557DSCF2558

Onward to our next semi-permanent town!


Monica- img_0491.jpg



3 thoughts on “On The Road Again! Phoenix, Mediums, And Buster

  1. Poor Buster! He really enjoyed his forest walk while searching for squirrels (NONE) today. He did very well! Buster enjoys blazing his own trail; Manchu prefers the dirt road. It is pretty darn chilly here!!


    1. Oh, a see the black Gorilla Tape on the front corner of the trailer? Yeah, well someone (uh…ummmm….) didn’t see the tree stump in that tall grass when I was turning around! Sliced right thru the aluminum. #notmyfault


  2. It’s good to see you all are on the road and seeking out some new adventures. We hope to catch up with you in the Fall. 🙂 Happy travels.


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