The Art of Staying In One Place


I’ve been in this town, one town, for just over 4 months. I’ve not gone 10 miles outside of town limits. It’s an accomplishment, but also a disappointment.

I had always said that I couldn’t wait to get my first job, to drive, and to have a schedule. But… dude, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows! Maybe it’s because I’ve had the luxury of traveling, made my own “schedule”, and had my mom drive me around. But really, it’s just the rat-race kicking into my body.

I’ve had a job (a gory place where I shuffle around for a few hours, 5 days a week) for 4 months now (feels like a year). I’ve gotten a learner’s permit to drive (which, if you see me out on the road, I’m sorry in advance). And, lived on schedule where I actually have to set an alarm for the next day! *gasps everywhere*

I’ve joined a couple classes since arriving here.

Hung out with kids my age, but it never really progressed to “friends”, which is fine.

I went to see a doctor for the first time in 10 years, even though I knew I was/am perfectly healthy.

I went on my first date ever.

Everything else is a blur of the same;

We go eat at the same Mexican restaurant once a week. I go to work. I go to the gym. We go to Walmart. I go to my classes. We have a new problem with the truck/trailer. We sell at the swap meet every week.

Staying in one place is an art that I am learning, and trying to accept. But not, because I don’t think I want to fall into this lifestyle. 

5 miles North of Lake Havasu
It’s been an emotional 4 months. 4 months of trying to figure out what I’m going to do with myself throughout my life. Is this how I want to live? Will this be my life no matter what? Isn’t there more to this?

I don’t think I’ve asked myself as many questions as I have here, than while traveling. My gypsite-ness is still hanging around, and often counteracts with my everyday schedule.

But, I am so happy to say that this life, here in Havasu, is temporary. I don’t think I could’ve lasted this long here without that thought. I may have to play this game with every place I’ll live at, but surely I’ll do something epic with my life.

Having fun at the lakeshore
Thanks for reading!

P.S, Thanks to Tyler, a best friend of mine, for making me have fun for once while I was here:












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