Partying in Las Vegas


Ah, Las Vegas, Nevada! I love this city.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, ‘Bre, how can you love a place like that? If you’re not over 21, it’s not fun.’.  Well, I think it’s pretty darn fun!

If you play your cards right (pun intended),  you can have a blast in Vegas (young or old) and love the area. Everything is here, in the middle of the desert.

This time while here in Las Vegas, we camped for free out on the hills around Lake Mead, which is about 18 miles from Las Vegas.


Mom scored by getting us free tickets to round 1 of Pro Bull Riding World Finals, and a Carrie Underwood concert. Also, super cheap tickets to Menopause The Musical and a Paranormal/Mentalist Show (amazingly cool guy, Frederic Da Silva). Oh, the things you can see here!

The Strip is another beast. The Strip is actually HUGE. Or it feels like that when you’ve been walking all day (aka getting lost in the resorts) and trying to see everything. So many resorts, casinos, shops, lights, shows… and so many pictures to take.

Want to have fun in Vegas on a budget? No problem!

  • Look for deals on Groupon
  • Search eBay for cheap show tickets

Groupon was our best friend while there. You can find super deals on resorts right on The Strip, cut your total at a restaurant in half, and find unique experiences to try out, or even have an inexpensive spa day.

eBay was perfect for finding event and show tickets. A lot of the locals receive complimentary tickets, and just end up selling them. We were able to see Menopause The Musical and Mentalist show for $40 total. Two tickets for each event, and $20 for each event.  So really, Mom and I got in for a show paying only $10 for each of us. Bargain!

Frederic Da Silva; The Mentalist

Frederic Da Silva and me. This guy… I don’t have any idea how he does it, but he was magical! With duct tape and a shirt over his eyes, and no ear pieces in, he read off my one dollar bill serial number!


And then it was onto The Strip!


Despite Vegas being in the south and the desert, it was getting cold out! A freezing 55 degrees! Just kidding…kind of. When everyday was in the 80’s and then it dropped down… We weren’t ready! Or maybe I’m just a spoiled traveler who can move when it gets chilly.

The canals in the Venetian


Allow yourself to have an absolute full day or two days at the strip. I call it a miniature New York City because there is so much to see; every resort you enter is another world. If you are traveling with children, don’t be too shy here! There are toddlers around, and they honestly love it. I would suggest leaving the strip at sunset though. A perk when being on the strip with little ones around is that no one offers you anything inappropriate, they completely veer away from you! Even when I was 13, we never got offered anything other than ticket deals.

If you’re disabled, they have elevators everywhere, so the strip is very accessible!

Also, if you are a veteran, you should check this site named VetTix! You can receive free tickets to big events like concerts, sport games, shows, and even Disneyland/DisneyWorld! That’s how we were able to see the Pro Bull Riding and Carrie Underwood concert (My mom was in the service)!


Between business, events, and a travel friend that I was able to hang out with, we spent just over a month in Las Vegas. Even still, it was hard to leave. I wouldn’t mind living there at all!

Now, we are in Arizona. New adventures coming!

Stay tuned, lovelies!






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