So That Didn’t Work Out

When you live the life of a traveler long enough, you know that the expectations you set should not be taken seriously. The experience will either exceed your expectations, or it can just completely disappoint you.

I am typing you from BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land in Nevada, just outside of Valley of Fire State Park. The land is vast and I can see about 30 miles away, no canyons or mountains blocking my view. Not another soul is around me and mom. The air is easy to breathe and the sun is beaming.

You may ask, Why am I in Nevada? Shouldn’t  I be in Utah working in Zion National Park?

Yeah, if everything had worked out, I would be living around Zion. I had to say goodbye though. After 6 days, it became apparent that what was happening around me wasn’t good or where I should be; so I had to turn in my name tag.

It was disappointing.


After relaxing in the ever-moving travel life, it was a good  eye-opening opportunity, even if it was 6 days.  I had no desire to quit during those 6 days, so I was all in. My first priority was to be well trained and be a kick-butt worker. I was getting it, and I liked that. I immersed myself into it and the social life with co-workers.

However, I could not balance my 17 year-old homeschooled travel life. On my last day of work, everything fell through the roof and I realized this wasn’t going to work. There was too much on my plate.

It wasn’t just that either, the environment was not appropriate for me; a young, innocent girl. To say the least.

Sunset on BLM land

So, live and learn. Trial and error. Move on and breathe some new air.

And that is how I ended up in Nevada. Like I’ve said before, Nevada is great. It’s always surprisingly refreshing.

I’m not exactly sure what the plan is now (like I ever do), but that’s fine. I’ll relish in the freedom for a couple more weeks, and it’s back to finding work for me.


If I could give you some advice, I’d tell you to be yourself all the way through anything. Be your best self. Stay true and know yourself. Know what you need, and realize what is good and/or bad for you.






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