Zion National Park!

Boy, oh boy, have we been busy in Zion! Shuttle buses, meeting up with friends, hikes, town wandering, Etsy business, and personal business, ranger programs, walking and walking. WHEW!ย 

But it’s pleasureful, nonetheless.

To say the least, Zion is a whirlwind in itself. There isย so much to see and do! Zion isn’t even a big National Park, acreage wise, compared to Yellowstone. There is so much beauty packed into Zion that 1 day in the park is simply not enough.


We have a friend who is a park ranger, and we caught him a week before he left Zion! If that’s not luck, I don’t know what is. Ranger Jay Snow is the BEST ranger you’ll ever meet. We had met in Death Valley a couple years back, took me repelling, and now we’ve met up again! He took us on hikes, and taught my mom and I tons. For instance, did you know that Zion has a creature that you willย only find in this desert? It’s called the American Dipper. It’s called that because when it perches, it dips, kinda like doing squats. It’s so cute!

Mom and I also did the Emerald Pool trails… And basically took senior pictures there.

We did the Watchman trail, that’s just behind the visitor center.


Watchman view

And finally, I did the Observation Point hike. Let me tell you, it is aย hike. I’m an active girl, but that trail kicked my butt! 4 miles uphill, up a rock mountain. If you go on this hike, pace yourself! Bring tons of water and some snacks. I was literally walking on the edge of this thing. But the views… #worthit!

Near the top!



Magnificent, right? Was absolutely worth the gasping-for-air moments! My face was as red as a tomato by the time I got there, and a collapsed on a rock for about 30 minutes. The view was just so great, like looking at another Grand Canyon.

Then, it was time for the trek back down!

I met a fella at the top, and we accompanied each other on the way down, talking and jogging down the steep, and sometimes rocky, trail.

I couldn’t believe I did that hike still. I tested my ability, and I’m proud. I was higher than the famous Angels Landing! My muscles are screaming at me now, but it was worth it.


Then, Zion seemed to get bigger. It was after one of Ranger Jay’s many talks when my mom and I went to the Zion Lodge. We had heard they we short staffed, so we decided to check it out as an opportunity for me. I got to walk into the HR director’s office and the next thing I knew, I was being interviewed! I got hired on the spot. I signed some papers, and many of the staff asked if I was new. They seem like a great team. I start working today, the day after getting hired. It’s perfect. I’m here until November 30th, just in time to reach Quartzite in January!

I love it when life takes me by the hand, and leads me to these opportunities. I feel beyond blessed. I love it.

I’ll blog ya later, I have to get to sleep. Because I have a job now!






2 thoughts on “Zion National Park!

  1. Great pics! And congratulations on your job. It’s funny how sometimes things fall in your lap like you planned it. Love reading your blog!


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