A Sneak Peak of Zion National Park

So we’ve made it back to our favorite National Park: Zion!  For years, we have expressed our love for Zion, and now we get to be within the canyons again!

Everything good is in Zion. The people, the free shuttle bus, the hikes, and the generous workers. In the town of Springdale, just a mile out of the park, is really good food and candy/fudge/ice cream shops, farmer’s market, and adorable shops.


What I really like about this area is that everything is just a short distance away, walking or biking.

Before we got our camping spot here in the park, we stayed up the road at another campground with some friends. They trucked us down here for a couple days and they got to see the brilliance of the area.

Bernie and Susan fellow bloggers known as Wildonthego

Wildonthego took me under their wing and we went all over the park.

Just yesterday, at 4 a.m, we pulled our truck and trailer up to the first come- first served campground to wait in line for a spot. First in line! (The campgrounds are always full, so plan carefully.) We got a spot, and fell asleep.

That afternoon, my mom and I met up with our favorite park employee Ranger Jay! Ranger Jay was the  one who took me rock climbing and rappelling in Death Valley. He’s also the most amusing person, I think, I have met in 4 years of traveling. His attitude and personality is always bright, and it’s impossible not to smile around him.

This visit to Zion will definitely be an adventure! I can already hear my muscles complaining about being sore from strenuous hikes.

Stay tuned for pictures and stories!


Weeping Rock

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