Empowered by Mountain Tops in Glacier National Park

The first place we went to when we crossed the Canada/U.S. border was Glacier National Park!DSCF1818.jpg

Three years ago, we had explored Glacier on the west side. This time, we got to explore the more rugged east side of the park; staying at Many Glacier and St. Mary’s campgrounds.

St. Mary’s Lake

Visiting places twice is the icing on the cake for me. The first time to new places is exciting, a little confusing, and unknown. However, going to a place twice is like going home. Now with the knowledge of how things run and what to expect, you can relax and know what you want to do while you’re there.

We took the free shuttle bus across the park, driving on the edge of Going-to-the-Sun Road, something we hadn’t done last time…



We walked around Logan Pass and visitor center, the highest part among the road.


At Lake McDonald, we got the famous Eddie’s Ice Cream… Huckleberry ice cream. YUMM!               

We saw plenty of Bighorn Sheep, more than we ever have in one area. In fact, we’ve probably only seen a couple sheep, from far away, in our 4 years of traveling!

Also, Mountain Goats! Those fluffy white dots? Yep!


One night while chilling (literally, it was chilly at night in September!) in the camper, Mom looked out the window to see a lighter night sky to the north. It only looked like light pollution from a city… but there are no big cities around Glacier. Come to find out, after talking to astronomers during their night program, it was actually a tid-bit of the aurora borealis! The astronomer there was able to get a good picture of them, but our camera’s game is weak, lol.

We also discovered that most of the exchange students that are in Glacier, working around the park, are from Poland! One man was working in the St. Mary’s Lodge, they’d stay for about 3 months and head back home to Poland, but explore and learn the ways of our country as well. Mom and I even learned a little Polish from one young man!

Soo… As an outro,

Trzymaj się. –  which means take care. Literally, hold on tight!

Wild Goose Island

One thought on “Empowered by Mountain Tops in Glacier National Park

  1. I love reading your blog! Once I’m able to buy an rv and make it to Glacier, I’m definitely going to get my some huckleberry ice cream – never even heard of that flavor before. And so glad y’all were able to find a free shuttle… wonder why Denali charges to ride???

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, I keep adding to my places to go after reading 😊, so keep ’em comin!

    Kim Harris


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