Our 4 Year Anniversary-eee!

Who woulda thunk it?! Me, travel North America for 4 years straight?

Usually, our anniversaries are rough days. This anniversary consisted of driving in circles in Salt Lake City, beating traffic, going back and forth from Camping World to Walmart, and spending an hour and a half in IKEA (love that store!). But the following day, we were rewarded with meeting the super cool travelers known as Wildonthego. Fantastic bloggers and people, along with their doggie Barkley. It was a social day for our dogs (And us people, of course).

As a review for you, here is what our 4 years on the road has consisted of:

10 new truck tires. Around 35 new trailer tires. Around 6 new trailer and truck batteries. Around 4 truck repair stops. 49 states. 2 provinces, including Victoria Island. Tons of National Parks, monuments, forests, historical sites. Most all big american cities. Managing to make it through the several, fat books of schooling. 1 injury. 2 tattoos. 3 dogs, and then 2 dogs. 1 cat, and then no cat. 1 mouse, and then no mouse. 1 1/2 years of painting. A lot of helpful people. 2 amazing solar panels. Lots and lots of Walmart overnight parking. Redecorated inside the trailer 4 times. A lot of crafts and coloring. A lot of peaceful reading time. Many, many hikes. 1 job offer. 8 festivals. 4 theater plays, 1 broadway show. 8 concerts. Countless hours of social media. 3 canoe day trips, 1 in the Okeefenokee Swamp. 1 disastrous day of “rafting”. 2 days of shrimping in North Carolina. 3 big pods of dolphins up close. 5 hot spring pools. 1 private flight. 1 glider plane flight. 7 traveling friends. 1 day of fossil digging. 2 days of gold digging. 1 day of diamond digging. 4 horseback rides. 3 ferry rides. 1 Christmas party on the beach. 1 day of waking up in a flooded area. 1 day of rock climbing and rapelling in Death Valley NP. 1 boy scout troop. Tons of waterfalls. Too many interactions with scary snakes. 3 skinny dipping occurrences. 1 prom dance. 4 Mexico trips. Thousands of hours making rag rugs. 1 accidental run in with a tree stump. 2 close calls with deer. 1  close call with a moose and the truck. Quite a few run-ins with the police. A few water leaks. 7 days of metro trains. 2 factory tours, and 1 dam tour. About 8 months, in all, of hanging out with friends in person. Several meet ups with very successful people and learning from them. 1 Etsy shop…. And so much more.

This was all in a 4 year’s time. I am not including the things I did before traveling, and also not including the time I toured Honolulu, Hawaii with family.

Me and Mom at the Grand Canyon

When we first began traveling, we had absolutely no expectations! That’s one of the things I loved most in the beginning. The first year was such a blessing. We had done very special things that we wouldn’t have even thought of if we hadn’t started to travel full-time.

Things haven’t changed much in 4 years. The only things I feel that have changed is that  we now know how to plan travel like a pro, we’ve covered a lot of land, we started a small business, and I’ve grown in life.  We’ve had our hardships, but those are out-ruled by days  when I’m filled to the brim with happiness and simplicity.

It’s been an adventure, and well worth it. And since my feet can’t stop, I can’t wait to spend more time on the road on my own.

Where we have been.
One of our knotted rag rugs!

To more traveling days!



2 thoughts on “Our 4 Year Anniversary-eee!

  1. Great post. I’m confident you won’t – but don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you were doing something wrong (or somehow deprived) by traveling through your teen years.

    You’ve gained a lot of real-life experiences that most people will never have. You’ve done what others have only read (or heard) about.

    Breanna, you’re so talented and have a lot to offer the world. Go get whatever you want!


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