Yosemite National Park

Having detoured Yosemite in the past years, we finally got the chance to see what all the talk was about!  Having heard how great and popular it was, I was expecting to be let down. Sometimes I find the most popular places to be overdramatized, and too touristy.

But I wasn’t let down at all at Yosemite! I wasn’t expecting to be swallowed by grey cliffs with powerful cascading waterfalls and bright green meadows, nor how majestic everything was!

While settling in at the North Pines campground, we instantly saw a coyote… Come to find out, that coyote is very familiar in the campgrounds! He almost went after our dogs! So, beware of fearless coyotes, y’all!

Even though there were (A LOT of) tourists, it was still peaceful. When it comes down to it, tourists shouldn’t matter (So long as they stay out of your picture 😉 ).

DSCF6643.JPGNo matter the weather, you can be sure Yosemite will be beautiful!

We stayed during cloudy weather, and it turned out to be a good time to capture the mysterious way the clouds would hover through the valley. I can only imagine what this place would look like when it snows!

On one of the nice days, we went on the Vernal Falls hiking trail. For the first mile, it was just a lagging uphill climb, but the views started to get better and better.


We passed the lookout bridge and continued to the stairs up the side of Vernal Falls. Now, THIS was FUN! It had been a long while since I’d had a really awesome hike. I was hiking up  rock stairs, beside a waterfall, and getting misted on because of it! It was totally rad.

Somehow, between being careful not to slip on the rocks and getting sprayed with   waterfall water, everything turned so real and refreshing, making the hike fun and worth it.

Even once we reached the top there was more to explore!

After exploring the top and taking multiple pictures, we started our slow descend. I slipped a couple times on the stairs, but loved it and counted it as fun, since it was part of the awesomeness! One third of the way down and our legs were already trembling, running off of adrenaline, and by the end we could hardly stand on our feet!

The VERY STEEP decline of steps

But we  made it! With our water bottles depleted, we headed to the Yosemite Lodge for some ice cream, free wifi, and to rest our feet!

Next, we visited Yosemite Falls!

Despite the pictures, it was actually VERY windy and cold at the bottom of the falls, add in the mist and you couldn’t feel your hands within 5 minutes!

Last but not least, is Half Dome!

Half Dome

Our week visit proved to be fun and adventurous, exciting and new.

I would definitely come back again and explore even more hikes! Possibly even come back on a summer internship for the national park!

The park shuttle bus  was extremely helpful, too! We would jump on it wherever, whenever. The bus came around every 20 minutes, making us either dash for the doors at the last second, or resting on the bench for a little. It was relaxing and dependable. So instead of dodging tourists yourself, just hop on the bus!

Once you’re able to take the curvy roads into Yosemite, it will be an oasis! Once in Yosemite Valley,  be sure to try their ice cream at the Yosemite Lodge! The Yosemite mueseum and visitor center is a must, of course! You’ll learn a lot about John Muir. 😉

You can also tour The Majestic Hotel at 3 p.m. any day! The guide will tell you all of the history of how the park first started out, as well as how the first hotel in Yosemite was made!

But most of all, you’ll be amazed by the majestical veiws all around!

On the way out of the park



P.S. Shout out to my friend Tyler for driving over 200 miles just to explore Yosemite with me for the week!

Posing with Tyler in front of Yosemite Falls

3 thoughts on “Yosemite National Park

  1. Yosemite is breathtaking. It’s been about 39 years since I visited and I’ve been looking forward to returning, ever since.

    Your pictures and stories remind me why it’s still at the top of my list!


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