Nevada…Is Actually Pretty

Who woulda thunk it? Nevada? Pretty?

Back in 2003, when I was 4, my mom and I moved to Reno. I don’t remember too much of the scenery except for dirt and snow. We went on few adventures, like to Observation Point where little crystals are everywhere.

Me hiking…somewhere in Nevada.

Just a few weeks ago, we were able to visit the area again!

One time, though, Mom saw a bumper sticker that said, Nevada is NOT a wasteland. Mom laughed and said that is most certainly IS a wasteland.

Wanting to see if it was true, I insisted on seeing the Reno area again. It was pitch black out when we crossed through the Eldorado National Forest and the Nevada state line. We saw about 4ft of snow near the road on the mountain, but we sure knew when we were in Nevada!

You know that movie scene, when a car slowly approaches a blinking yellow stop light and nothing is around them but a flat, dry land, and there is nothing but the car and the lit yellow road? No sound but the car engine? Yeah, that’s what the first moment was like in Nevada. I’m pretty sure I chuckled and said, “Welcome to Nevada.”.

But, when we woke up from our slumber at our camping spot the next day and looked behind us, the huge mountains we crossed last night greeted us.13148307_1061934910529370_1594189822_o.jpg

It was a moment of, ” Holy Toledo! We drove through that last night!” and then “Nevada has mountains!…Or at least a view of them.”.

Then only an hour later, I see a snake strike for it’s lunch not 30 years from me!!! #Horrendous. I am scared of snakes! Yikes. Definitely was NOT going off a trail or road later! For once, I was ready to obey the ‘stay on trail’ signs.

Once we left that spot, we headed towards a small town called Gerlach, Nevada. Just off to the east is Black Rock City. If you’re familiar with this area, you’d know that this is where the yearly Burning Man festival happens. Basically, a festival for hippies, but they just happen to build a wooden structure in the shape of a man and set it on fire. Sounds strange, but I will totally have to see it for myself someday!

Again, we got confused since it was nighttime, and parked it on the side of the road for the night. This was a small portion of the view the next morning:


I’ve learned that Nevada has endless views, no matter where you are! That’s the beauty of it.

And just down the bumpy gravel road are some hot springs! The most perfect temperature for a hot spring. It’s the nicest little oasis! Cows wander around lazily, dogs can run around freely, and frogs leap (some even squeal) into the other ponds as you walk towards them.

Clothing was optional! A family with young kids had just arrived when an older lady shrugged out of her fuzzy robe and confidently dipped in. We had quite the laugh.


After a nice soak, we head out towards the northern corner of California. The sights we saw on our way out:




So, I actually liked Nevada. Sure, it is a very bare land, but it’s so freeing! It’s a safe home for animals, and, if you love solitude, this would be a great place for you!

But really, I don’t think it’s a wasteland, necessarily. It’s just A LOT of unused land. And when you look for it, you’ll find tons of little hidden gems, too.



Breanna the Hippie



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