My Favorite Places

Among all the beautiful places in America, there are only a few places I’d go back to wholeheartedly. It’s not what happened there, it’s how I felt there. The vibes it gave me felt like it was rejuvenating my body, faith, and happiness.

It is surprising and amazing how some places feel like home, how it feels so familiar to me. For instance, in Crescent City, California, I felt like I knew where everything was, giving my mom directions when she was so confused. Usually I study the map on my iPad, but at the time, we only had the GPS. Sometimes in other places, my mom and I have deja-vu like crazy when we’ve never even been there before.   I could swear I’ve had a past-life as a traveler!

But without further ado, here are my favorite home-like places!


Let’s get real, who doesn’t like the whole Oregon and Washington Coast and beaches?! The coast along Oregon has given me fantastic times! From whales and starfish clinging to rock in the tide pools to climbing up a cliff by a rope!379621_184903771669172_1793821852_n296141_184903718335844_70735059_n

This seal would follow me! I’d sprint down the beach, and he’d duck under, going the same direction I did, and pop his adorable head up right in front of me, only about 50 yards away from the beach!  He continued to do this for about 15 minutes, then he just stared at us until we left.

Oregon Coast 

Next up is Lake Olallie in the middle of Oregon! Located about 80 miles east of Salem, this hidden gem is absolutely breathtaking and peaceful. On one side of the lake is a quiet resort hotel, but on the side we were on was a free campground, with sites right on the water. This area was home for a couple of Bald Eagles, their nests resting on trees. Dragonflies sped around our inflatable kayak playfully. And a magnificent view of Mount Jefferson could be seen from the center of the lake as well!

The most awesome part? The water is crystal clear, enough to see straight to the bottom of the lake. You could make out the small logs, rocks, and fish.


Now, out of all the National Parks I’ve been to, Zion National Park was the most rewarding! The hikes are totally worth it (even if you have to stop and gasp for air every 10 minutes)! Between the red rocks, Springdale (the town just 2 miles away), the views, landscape, and history, I fell in love with this place.

The Narrows!


Last, but not least, is Philadelphia! I cannot tell you how much I loved this city!  The food, culture, history, architecture, and people…I was in awe. I loved how many different things they packed into this city! It’s the only city where I didn’t mind the crowds, and found the locals interesting because everyone was open to conversation; something you wouldn’t get easily in NYC.

We stayed in a bus parking lot for $30 a night only a few blocks from the Liberty Bell, which isn’t a bad deal! RV parks would have charged more than that, and would even be out of the city.

We toured the humongous State Penitentiary,  walked down the old colonial buildings, and also saw the Liberty Bell and Philadelphia Juvenile Court.

Cathedral Basilica  of Sts. Peter and Paul

And of course I had to climb up the Rocky Steps!

The Rocky Steps

The food at Reading Terminal Market was absolutely AWESOME! They have everything you could ask for in food. I love that place! So crowded, but so worth it. It’s a must see!

Reading Terminal Market


So, if you have the urge to go to any of the places I favorited, do it! You won’t be let down! Perhaps you’ll even fall in love with them as much as I did!

Comment your favorite places below! I’d love to know!


With love,


See more photos from these places here!


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